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Called to Confidence with Sharon Hughes

Apr 29, 2021

Here's a 2 minute tip on why you need to make decisions based on your core values.

Need a confidence boost? Go to and grab your freebies: "4 Steps To A More Confident You" and "How To Work Through The Hard Things".

Apr 9, 2021

Have you ever felt the sting of rejection? Unfortunately most of us have multiple times and quite often it can leave lasting emotional damage. Rejection expert, speaker and Bible teacher Ami Loper joins me for a candid conversation and shares her very personal struggle with rejection at a young age and how craving love...

Apr 7, 2021

Joining me once again is my good friend Steve Verburg, President of Dale Carngegie Orange County. Steve has been coaching, speaking and helping leaders develop their skills for over 20 years.

I really like to pick Steve's brain and he indulged me once again, I know you will learn so much from this candid...