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Called to Confidence with Sharon Hughes

Dec 7, 2019

Difficult conversations are all around us and you might find yourself avoiding them, but that's not really an option if you're leading a team, want better relationships, and are focused on personal development. So what can you do? Enter Adrian Koehler, Senior Partner at Take New Ground - he thrives on this stuff, it's in his blood to help leaders develop their skills while living out integrity and excellence. 

Adrian has trained and developed leaders at NIKE, Virgin Hyperloop One, Oprah Winfrey Network and UCLA to name a few. 

Grab a notebook, you're invited to a masterclass with Adrian! Key takeaways:

  • Results are the proof of intention
  • Toxicity is a symptom not a cause
  • You are your #1 asset to yourself
  • Understanding the difference between control and influence
  • What "resentment" is really all about

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