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Called to Confidence with Sharon Hughes

Sep 27, 2020

This is part one of one of the most fascinating and candid conversations I've ever brought to the show. To say Stacy Raske is brave is an understatement. She fought the odds that were stacked against her and she won. Now she helps others break free from the dark side of perfectionism. 

From hitting rock bottom, drinking, binging and cutting to a healthy, successful author and business coach; this interview reveals what lurks beneath the surface of so many broken hearts.

Main takeaways from Stacy:

  • The high achiever vs. the high performer
  • running from the past, avoidance and numbing out
  • being crippled by overthinking
  • having the permission to "feel"
  • paying the price of giving her power away and taking it back.

Be sure to listen to Ep. 43 for part 2 of the interview.


Connect with Stacy Raske:

Grab her book from Amazon: Amazon/author/stacyraske