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Called to Confidence with Sharon Hughes

Jul 26, 2019

It takes courage to lead well and it takes moral courage to fight the good fight that leads to changing lives, communities and bridging the gaps that divide people.

In this heartfelt and candid conversation, Goodie shares his roots from straight out of Compton to becoming an influencer, a highly sought after leadership trainer to athletes, a teaching Pastor at Parkcrest Christian Church, Adjunct Professor at Dallas Baptist University, and Author of two books.

Goodie serves on the Community Engagement Board for Redondo Beach Police Department and is a highly regarded leadership trainer speaking regularly to the Los Angeles County Chiefs of Police Association.

Goodie shares about "Sankofa", what it is, why you should embrace the principle, and how you can use it to uplevel your leadership.

The paragraph I read from King Maker:

An unfulfilled destiny is not just a casualty of time lost; it is also the loss of promise and potential for our lives and for the greater human community to be served. So to those people who encourage you to have only a short memory, I boldly say, "We can learn from our errors and successes in the past to help us move wisely in the present."


A few points Goodie made:

  • The power of affirmation, opportunity, and outcome
  • Seek justice, love mercy, walk humbly
  • Find your morale courage 


Connect with Goodie:

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Goodie's Books

King Maker: Applying Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s Leadership Lessons In Working With Athletes and Entertainers

Habits: Six Steps To The Art Of Leadership