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Called to Confidence with Sharon Hughes

Nov 19, 2019

Imagine leading 850 sworn officers and a total staff of over 1,200 personnel, how would you prepare? In this candid conversation, Chief Robert Luna of Long Beach, California Police Department shares his leadership journey and the path that started in 1985 as a Reserve Officer. 

The insights Chief Luna shares is a guide for everyone in a leadership role, he is a true servant leader. He shares his heart for the men and women that show up to serve everyday, what it's really like to put on a uniform and badge and return home to their families after a crisis.

Chief Luna's key points:

  • What he wishes the community understood about their local officers
  • Strategies to keep officers emotionally safe 
  • His advice to young officers just starting their career
  • Community awareness and reporting concerns
  • Why it's important to partner with your local police department
  • Recognizing there is two sides to every story


Learn more about Long Beach, California Police Department and community services here: LBPD